Monday, July 24

8 million and 10 million Xbox 360 game machines.

Due to the big demands of my son, who is a video games fanatic, I started learning new video games that are available.

A google search took me to and the following headline stared at me.
'Microsoft Predicts Strong Xbox Sales

Early launch of the Xbox 360 should help the company compete with Sony and Nintendo.'
I learnt about its price to be placed between $400 to $600.

Microsoft this week forecast its Xbox 360 game console sales will total as many as 15 million by the end of its fiscal 2007, which ends June 30 of next year.

The company expects to have shipped more than 10 million consoles by the end of this year. By the end of June 2007, the company expects its sales to total between 13 million and 15 million units since the launch.
Microsoft expects to face stiff competition from Sony and Nintendo.

Read more about it: pcworld

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