Thursday, July 20

Have you ever lent out your car to your neighbor?

Everyone has loaned a car out to a friend or family member for a short period of time and wouldn't you want to be covered if something happens?

Please read about the latest insurance cover launched by
NORWICH Union. It is temporary comprehensive cover, allowing users to choose insurance for up to 28 days.

It covers users to drive a new car away from the torecourt, a family member or friend to borrow someone else's car, when traveling on holiday with a number of people who want to share the driving or to hire a vehicle.

Costs start from pounds 10 a day for the first two days and pounds 4 a day thereafter.

Apart from offering free auto insurance quotes, predicts that US car insurance companies may follow suit on this type of service.

They provide auto insurance quotes for all 50 states!
In order to save hard earned money in expensive areas like car insurance it is better to compare and shop online. Not only will you save your money, but you will save you time too.

With it is easy to buy your auto insurance online, in some states you could complete the process and have your proof of insurance in 15 minutes!

Their online car insurance quote takes just a few minutes. Avail the benefit of knowing about the rates from different companies that suit your needs.

In some states you will be directed to one of their trusted partners for a rate in your area.

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