Wednesday, July 4

Do you know Marsupial?

Marsupials are mammals in which the female typically has a pouch in which it rears its young through early infancy. Kangaroo belongs to this kind of mammals.

The name is derived is so because the pouch is called the marsupium.

There are 90 different kangaroos and mostly marsupials are found only in Australia. The smaller kangaroos are called wallabies and a baby kangaroo is called joey.

The largest and the tallest kangaroo is the red kangaroo and grows to a height up to 2 meters high.
Kangaroos are very good swimmers and diggers too.

The new born crawls from the mother's womb to the pouch without any effort from its mother and stays there for as long as 190 days.

Very interesting facts-right?

------> Wallaby

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