Wednesday, July 4

You are invited to My Indian Space.

My Indian Space is a social networking web site where it is easy to get comments. Adding friends, leaving comments are encouraged to win a iPod.

Each time you add a friend, receive a comment or invite a new friend to join, you will receive points that will increase your chances of winning the iPod.

So, getting traffic is much easier in this social network. Like any other social networking, here too you can share pictures and text.

I noticed the web site is loading pretty slow mainly because of their design. is owned by Khäwäb Communications, Inc and the brainchild of two creative minds who have the vision to create an online community that will network Indians from all over the word.

The profiles are created with much tastes like in Myspace. Soon, I foresee this web site to be in the top ten social networking sites.

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