Saturday, July 14

One more blog on Goa.

Before my vacation to Goa last month, I searched for blogs on Goa and the places to see in Goa. I never do a research on the food wherever I wanted to go as I can get on with just bread and pizzaz.

I stumbled upon only one blog in May that was worth reading. But still I went ahead with my vacation and managed somehow.

Today, I received an email update from world blogcollection and in that I read about one more blog on Goa

Goa is a tropical beach paradise located on the west coast of India. It is unique from the rest of India because of its history and geography. The people of Goa or Goans are friendly, Goa party-loving and peaceful.”

No, I did not find anything unique in Goa. Only one thing surprised me; I did not find any traffic police in Goa. The traffic was very less and may be that is the reason for no traffic controller.

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