Tuesday, July 10

My first credit card was gifted.

My husband gave me an ‘add on’ card as a gift on our 15th wedding anniversary. Even now, I cannot properly express my euphoria when I was holding it in my hand. It was as if I had achieved my financial freedom.

At that time, credit cards did not charge interest as they are charging today. So, I never felt any big financial strain in spite of my occasional spending spree.

Last week, I wanted to gift one to my son. He has completed his third year B.E. degree and I wanted him to remember that. Since the rate of interest varies with different card issuing companies, I wanted to find the cheapest one.

I typed in Low Rate Credit Card in a niche search engine called creditcardsearchengine.com and took my time to pour over the search results. The comparison is not yet over as I was committed to other matters.

May be this week end, I revive my pending task and must able to decide on the right credit card with the lowest rate of interest.

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