Tuesday, July 17

Natural advanced wellness.

Though I am not a ready buyer of everything that is advertised through the idiot box, I at least make a note of natural health products or products that are said to be made from herbs.

Have you noticed one thing that is peculiar to man kind? As we cross 40, we tend to favor natural products and herbal food supplements. I think we are ready to experiment with natural health supplements only at this age.

Even my husband, forever a skeptic on anything that is not allopathic, has agreed to try herbal coated rice to check his blood glucose. He also started taking bitter guard juice in the morning on empty stomach.

I read in an ezine article about MagO7, an herbal medicine that cleanses our digestive track fully. Our entire family complains about irregular bowel movements and this can be the ideal answer for us.

Everyone is longing to maintain a natural health system but mostly we don’t give the due attention our body deserves. We pay more attention to maintain our electronic devices than we do to our body.

Image courtesy: oasisadvancedwellness.com

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