Sunday, July 29

Your business is our concern.

If you ever come across a hoarding that displays, “Your business is our concern”, please don’t ignore by driving past it. It may be a genuine concern and not just words without any true meaning.

This is a true story that may inspire you also if you are also an entrepreneur like me but would like to take your business globally. If you have that intention and drive, please read on.

Once, I did stop and read an ad as I mentioned above. I made a note of the website address and opened it when I reached my office 15 minutes later.

Xpander Communications specializes in hosted PBX small business VoIP phone systems that I view as the first step towards my goal of taking my small business across nations.

VoIP is such a fantastic invention in communication technology that it first reduces the cost of communication to almost nothing when compared to the running cost of landlines.

VoIP can put an end to the ‘per minute cost’ of every telephone call.

Then, of course the mobility that it facilitates; I can just move anywhere in world where an interconnection is available.

The following are some of the features of hosted PBX small business VoIP phone system offered by

I am sure you will seriously consider a switch over your existing office communication system.

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