Sunday, July 15

Living in the small world?

I am not talking about the physical world but a virtual small world where invited members can intereact with each other, share their life and ambitions.

ASMALLWORLD is a private online community, which is designed for those who already have strong connections with one another.

Is it one of those social networking websites? I suppose so, but only you need an invitation to join. They say it is one way of restricting. I don't know why they should restrict!

ASMALLWORLD also offers trusted and select information. Most of the content is produced by their members who offer travel suggestions, feedback, lively forum discussions, and other topics of common interest.

Features on the website include a forum of diverse topics, listings of events around the world, a personal messaging service, suggestions and user ratings for travel and restaurants, and city-based resources.

Erik Wachtmeister founded ASMALLWORLD as a private online community.

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