Saturday, July 14

List of Infomercial buyers.

Information+commercial = Infomercial.

Why not? In Internet, I came across so many new words that an Englishman may never use but they are all taken in our stride. So, very soon, the word “Infomercial” may appear in the Oxford dictionary.

Telemarketers are the target people for sales prospects sellers. A list broker is an agent who markets sales prospects to business people of any kind who are in need of prospects’ addresses, e-mails and so on.

Telemarketers who call us with the intention of selling consumer loans, personal loans and credit cards buy consumer databases from a list broker and these telemarketers are also known as infomercial buyers.

Martin Worldwide is one such list broker that has built a reputation by offering innovative mailing list products to its clients. One of its most successful, ground breaking products is ResponseCom which is a huge database of consumers of every kind.

A California based corporate that is dealing in discount shopping coupons can buy a list of Californians from a list broker.

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