Monday, July 30

Do youknow Flock?

No, I did not know about it till 5 minutes ago. I read about it in

Flock is called a social web browser(?)

Once glance at it and I decided it is not for me. It is for those who are crazy about photos and like to upload it online at the slightest opportunity.

Yes, I have eyes to appreciate beautiful photos and I too would like to show off my tastes but I don't have a camera.

When using Flock, people can easily discover, access, create and share videos, photos, blogs, feeds and comments across social communities, media providers, and popular websites.

Surf the net together with friends.
Here is an interesting 'Extension' on Flock called Me.dium.
"Me.dium reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your Flock browser. With Me.dium you and your friends can see each other moving around the internet. You can surf the web together, for the first time, in real-time. You can also meet new people interested in the same stuff as you - even ask them questions and start discussions. And you'll discover new websites based on the activity of other Me.dium users with the same interests as you. Me.dium is invite-only for now - but we're giving Flock users a limited chance to get in early.

Ok, I have decided to install this browser exclusively for this feature. It sounds exciting and fun.

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