Tuesday, July 17

Google is eyeing Rediff.

The news is that both Google and Yahoo are trying to buy Rediff.com, the major Indian portal that is listed in Nasdaq.

In 1999, I created my second e-mail id with Rediff domain. Soon, I discontinued using it because of delayed delivery. But I used their shopping services a couple of times.

Even now, I feel their web site looks cluttered and the navigation is confusing. Since, it's share price started moving sharply, Google and Yahoo are trying to but it. Moreover, they must be considering their huge database of users too that will be very advantageous financially for their advertising.

"Rediff, Google and Yahoo officials could not be immediately reached for their comments. Talk of the deal is emerging in the context of a general worldwide rebound in the Internet business, and India emerging as a hot story in the global economy with strong growth in both telephone penetration and the Internet in urban areas."-Hindustan Times.

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