Tuesday, July 10

What is a deciduous forest?

There is a weekly article in our local daily 'The Hindu'. The article is titled,'Roadless traveled'
and appears in the travel section.

I liked the name, "Roadless traveled" meaning roads that are traveled less. Those are offbeat places that a normal traveler misses because they are not popular.

Last week, there was a mention about deciduous forest and I didn't know the meaning of it.

Deciduous means "temporary" or "tending to fall off" (deriving from the Latin word decidere, to fall off) and is typically used in reference to trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally.

Do you know that many deciduous plants flower during the period when they are leafless, as this increases the effectiveness of pollination? The absence of leaves improves wind transmission of pollen in the case of wind-pollinated plants, and increases the visibility of the flowers to insects in insect-pollinated plants.

Even if the soil is wet, it is too cold in winter for the tree roots to get the water out of it. Deciduous trees avoid this problem by resting, without any leaves until the soil becomes warm in the spring. When the tree is bare, light can enter the soil directly without any hindrance.

Nature at its best adaptation-right?

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