Tuesday, July 24

Giant Penguins.

My son insisted that I watch a movie on penguins titled 'The Emperor' because, the voice for the movie (documentary) is given by none other than Amitab Bacchan, the Hindi movie star whose voice still commands enormous respect world over.

Immediately after watching it, I was online to do some urgent work. Then I stumbled on to news item about giant penguins that lived 65 million years ago.

CNN reports that this big bird is the real thing, its recently discovered fossils providing researchers with several scientific oddities. Not only are the birds extra large by modern standards, they thrived in one of the warmest periods in the past 65 million years.

"The climate of the earth at that time was far different from the icy polar regions and the toastier, tropical middle section we inhabit today. There was relatively little difference between the temperatures at the poles and the equator at that time."

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