Wednesday, February 7

Just to kill the time, I was browsing through some of the questions that were answered in the 'Travel' category.

Here is the question that is answered by a person called 'Wisequeen'.

Q: Where is the best place in the world to live for standard of living, days of sunshine and beautiful beaches?

Ans: If you want sunshine beautiful beaches and a good standard of living, you could chose between Australia and the beaches of the Western Cape in South Africa. In both these places you can soak up the sun in a civilized and modern society, with restaurants and bars and modern facilities, and yet on the other hand, walk miles on wild beaches where you are not tripping over other people's towels.

The diversity of experiences offered by these two counties has been widely spoken about.
"A world in one country" is how South Africa is described. It does have some crime problems, but so do America, and UK.Where else can you be on a magnificent wine estate, and then see the sea that you will take a swim in, or surf and sail on, all within reach of the best food and places to eat it in. The days of sunshine reach over 300.

Australia has the same diversity and a very similar culture and is very geared towards tourism, as is South Africa.

It seems wisequeen is very knowledgeable because he/she has thousands of points earned for answering a wide array of questions in myriad topics.

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