Friday, February 2

Do you know Christian Dior was heir to a fertilizer fortune?

The Parisians know better Christian Dior than any other people in the world.

The fashion conscious women of today are staunch loyalists of his brand of cloths and perfumes.
But originally Christian Dior was heir to a fertilizer fortune born in Granville, France in 1905.

In 1945 he designed for Marcel Boussac. Boussac, a man who'd made his fortune from fabic was interested in Diors new idea that involved using lots of layers of extravagant fabrics.

Dior's first collection, Corolle Line, premiered in 1947. He established his main fashion house in 1949; Christian Dior New York Inc.

Twelve years after his first fashion store started in 1946, he expanded his business to 15 countries and had over 2000 employees. (Source:

The biggest clients were North American: Hollywood stars, New York socialites and department store buyers who bought the exclusive rights to individual designs to be made up by their own seamstresses.

Pierre Cardin:
As the most prestigious Paris couture house, Dior attracted the most talented assistants. One was Pierre Cardin, an Italian-born tailor who was Dior’s star assistant in the late 1940s before leaving to begin his own business.


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