Wednesday, February 7

Do you blurt?

I repeat the question: Do you blurt?

Ha,ha,ha... don't get offended please.

Come, take a look at and you will know what I am referring to.
It is a question and answer website where any question can be asked and if some one can answer, they can do so. The answerer is called a 'Blurter'.

Here is something that is interesting. When I clicked on 'about', I did not find anything written by them but one of the blurter has a question about the web site. Read below:

"Look at the list of categories in the right column on the homepage. Every question goes into a category, from Arts and Culture to Travel. Guaranteed, there is someone who is the "top blurter" for each category, because they are good with that type of information.

All the blurter accounts are free. Questions are free, and so are answers. So you won't have to pay for information.

However, some freelance writers are hired to answer questions and are paid a small amount per question to answer a large number of questions per week. How blurt it makes that money in income, we are not entirely sure. It can't be by means of advertisements, because there aren't any."

So how blurtit supports itself is a bit of a mystery to us at this present time.

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