Friday, February 23

Do you know Metafilter?

I know of its existence for sometime but today only found time to review it.

It is a blog contributed by people like you and me. We can register free of cost with Metafilter
and start blogging. But they advise us to hang around a bit at first to get the feel of them.

We are asked to read several blog posts, make a comment or two and then start contributing.
Sure sir, I hung around, browsed a bit by clicking through interesting tags but I am sorry to say that out of a dozen blog posts I read, none interested me to read fully.

May be I should spend more time. I have no intention of hurting anyone of course but speaking out frankly.

But their Ask MetaFilter is a questions and answers area of MetaFilter which I think I will frequent often as I too have a lot to ask about.

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