Thursday, February 1

Do you know Sproose?

Well, the new technology Web 2.0 is catching up fast and I like this interactive technology with all those social search engines, social bookmarking and collaborative blogging and of course the more popular online communities like yahoo 360 and the likes of it.

Sproose, the emerging leader in interactive search engines, provides peer-moderated, ranking, prioritizing and community networking for consumer use. Providing the power of social networking to rank and refine Web searching, Sproose delivers results that matter.

With its proprietary "Knowledge Rank" moderated directory technologies, Sproose users can effectively categorize and index sites, tailored for personal or group use and through collective moderation and scoring, can sort through existing sites to assemble only the most relevant results.

To ensure privacy, interactive personalization and rating of search results are done without downloading applications.

It reminds of of Technorati and Boing Boing when Sprrose says that each search result page can be tagged by users with custom keywords. This allows the classification of web pages on multiple topics.


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