Wednesday, February 21

Do you know Lap Band Surgery?

I faintly remember having touched on this interesting topic some time back. However, I don't think I elaborated much and so I take this opportunity to do a bit of research. This information is based on a website lapbandslim that was submitted to my web directory under weight gain and loss category.

In lap band system a surgeon mounted a circular gastric band (lap band) using laproscopic techniques on the stomach, under the abdomen of patient. Lap band is similar to wristwatch, when it is mounted, it tightened the stomach and form a new small pouch or mini stomach having capacity of about 50mls. The mini stomach filled with food very fast and slowed down the passage of food in stomach from top to bottom. This may feels patient fulfill and he will eat less and resulted loses weight.


*It is interesting to note that there is no question of blood and tissue exposure as there is no cutting incisions or staples.

*Lap band surgery is simple, non-risky and affordable treatment of obesity.

*The time spent in surgery is very less and patient may go for his job instantly after the surgery done.

*In this procedure patient lose weight naturally with constant rate.

*The beneficial fact about lap band system, it is a adjustable surgical weight loss.

*The diameter of band can be changed at any time after surgery.

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