Thursday, February 1

Do you know Moe Money Maker?

Everyone remembers this old proverb: ‘Money saved is Money produced’.

Ebates is all about saving money and getting cash back whenever you shop online.

Ebates is a well known online shop with more than 800 stores online.

If one becomes a member of Ebates free of cost like me, one can enjoy benefits like 25% cash back, savings coupons and other exciting offers etc.

Of their 8oo odd stores, apple is one which sells various consumer electronics such as iPod nano, iPod shuffle, MacBook notebook, Mac mini desktop, iMac desktop and Apple TV and more.

Ebates offers a unique reminder service called ‘Moe Money Maker’ to its members. It is a downloadable service. They offer this 25% cash back and other coupons from the money they earn as commission from the merchandise partners.

Enjoy free shipping on any orders worth $50 at apple.

Unless you visit their web site and compare the prices with other online shops, you won’t believe me.

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