Thursday, February 1

Educate yourself;educate others.

The service, created for compiling educational resources by its users, regularly displays links to educational content pertaining to topics such as business, science, health and the like. Like ‘howto’ and ‘genuine answers’, this web site is great boon for students, teachers and parents.

Qoolsqool is a free and open educational resource for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.

Qoolsqool's mission is to take advantage of 21st century technologies to advance knowledge and education around the world and reach to people with a need or a desire to learn or teach.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, today ANYBODY CAN LEARN and TEACH.

From quantum Physics to your favorite apple pie recipe;
From computational biology to aquariophilist tutorials;
From graphic design to weekend painting hobbies;

If you have access to a blog, web account or internet browser, YOU CAN LEARN OR TEACH, you can SHARE KNOWLEDGE with other members of the internet community.

Qoolsqool is created to help you reach people who share your interests. Submit your courses to qoolsqool and members of our community who share your interests will rank and comment on your submissions. In turn, this will allow you to improve your work.

If you make a habit of using qoolsqool regularly, if you contribute to our community's efforts to share knowledge on a global scale, you are bound to better yourself and others around the world.

You can search qoolsqool directly from your Google toolbar, no need to open the qoolsqool website to search for free educational material!

Say you you are looking for free audiobooks and you type "audiobook" in your Google toolbar.

If you clicked "Go", Google would return a world wide web search including non-free audiobooks and ads... This is not what you are looking for.

Instead, if you click on the qoolsqool button, the search is narrowed to the list of free audiobooks ranked and annotated by the qoolsqool community.

At any time, you can take a quick look at qoolsqool's best material of the day in a drop-down menu!

By rolling over titles, you even get a description of what each title refers to.

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