Saturday, August 4

Melbourne hotels and other accommodation.

Believe me, till today, I have been pronouncing Melbourne as Mel Burn but the actual pronunciation is Mel Ban.

No, I have never visited any Australian cities so far but my Internet work has provided me lot of opportunities to know about major cities in Australia and especially about Melbourne which is located around Port Phillip Bay in the country's south-east. Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria.

Before I tell you about hotels in Melbourne, I will tell you some of the important places to see. But, don’t expect a full list please.

The Melbourne Museum.

The State Library of Victoria on Swanston Street.

Crown Casino, a short walk along the Yarra River.

Of course, wherever you stay in Melbourne, the first place that will be suggested to see will be the Melbourne Cricket Ground. But don’t worry about finding accommodation in Melbourne, but first make your search in They offer a fantastic range of hotels for every purse.

Your stay in Melbourne is not complete if you don’t ride in the famous Melbourne's tram network. Trams are not only a form of transport, but a tourist icon of Melbourne. While riding in a tram, you can see the tallest office tower and the Rialto Towers.

Many tourists will also visit St. Kilda, because it is home to many of the Melbourne's big events. St Kilda is an inner city suburb of the Victorian capital of Melbourne, Australia. Some tourists also find cheap hotels in St.Kilda and there are costlier hotels too for those who can afford them.

I will write about the food in Melbourne in my next blog.

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