Saturday, August 11

Do you know Symbaloo?

Very very innovative and absolutely brilliant idea.

Symbaloo offers us the facility to customize our start page with as many items as possible and re-arrange them anytime you want by just dragging and dropping. You can also exchange blocks by dragging one block on another.Symbaloo's mission is to create a start on the Internet for every human being.

Symbaloo an ancient Greek verb meaning 'gathering' 'assembling'. It perfectly reflects the mission of the company.

Symbaloo is an idea of Tim Has and has the mission to make the web more accessible. To accomplish this mission he founded symbaloo together with Robert Broeders, Koen Dantuma and Eduard Weijgers. Since June 2007, symbaloo is available in the Netherlands in beta. The US version is being developed at this very moment.

The symbaloo group is headquartered in Delft, the Netherlands.

How it works:

There are number of blocks spread over the screen. You click 'Add here" that appears on any empty block where your mouse lingers. In the next screen, you are provided various options of sources that you want to read daily.

It is a sort of RSS reader but only here, you will be seeing the actual website itself that you choose. For example, I chose "Mashable' under blogs to be placed on a particular block.

Got the idea?

This is really terrific friend.

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