Tuesday, August 21

Do you know the top 15 Indian blogs?

Don't expect to find mine among the top 15 though I would like to climb up the ladder one day.

I noticed a link in Indian Pad about the said subject and I am happy that I visited the link. I visited the top rated blog of Amit Agarwal and he is one of the best I have ever seen in the blogosphere.

The top 15 Indian blogs also listed one blog called quick online tips for which I am already a subscriber. I didn't know that it is operated by an Indian till today.

The sixth ranked blog is of Brajeshwar's whose PR is 7. This is a fantastic feat and deserve to be commended. This is also the oldest Indian blog said to be started in 2001.

The fourth ranked Tech Buzz blog is operated by 17 year old TilakRaj.

Great reading.
Thank you Abhisehk.

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