Thursday, August 16

Do you know Gahooyoogle?

I repeat: "Do you know GahooYoogle?"

See, I spelled it correctly the second time also, so you know I have not written anything by mistake.

I know you are very smart. You would have guessed by now that it is a mixture of Google and Yahoo but no direct connection with them.

And, yes, you guessed it correctly, GahooYoogle is also a search engine. In order to remember the spelling of this website, they have an amusing small poem.

"Write Yahoo then Google
Make the Y and G Toggle
Never forget GahooYoogle"

When you type in a keyword and hit "GahooYoogle" it, the search results from Google and Yahoo appear side by side divided by a line in between vertically.

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  1. Cool usefull bolg Malathy,
    Similarly you can also visit,,, ...

    FYI also visit :


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