Thursday, August 2

Do you know Cognizant Technology?

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporations is the giant in the BPO industry globally.

I am a die hard Madrasi and always proud of its culture, tradition and of course for its year round hot climate.(smile)

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporations is one of the biggest corporate house in Madras with over $200 million already invested in. It has now doubled in size with over two million sq.ft of capacity under construction in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Madras.

I know a few employees of Cognizant who are my old students. They draw fantastic salary now.

It is now planning to invest an additional $100 in its infra structure at Coimbatore where already they have an office in 7.25 lakh sq.ft.

The company's revenue for the period up to June 2007, has increased to $516.50 million from $460.30 million.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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