Wednesday, August 29

Do you know Fanimation?

The word Fanimation is the thought of a creative person. This word pertains to an electric ceiling fan. The person who has imagined such a creative design must have also named it as Fanimation.

Wait! Look at the image below and tell me if I am right!

This gorgeous looking fan is a product of Islander fans that you can buy it from, the dealer of innovative fans.

Naturally impressed by their home page itself, I went about looking for more designer fans and I liked several of them. I could cite many images of fans here but let me point out only a few more.

I was captivated by the name Hunter Fans and among them I liked very much the 1886 series. When you are on that page, just scroll down and you will find it first on the second row of fans.

Finally, I want you to have a look at the Casablanca ceiling fan called Siena. A click on the link will show you that beautiful fan.

I looked around by the name of the ceiling fans. I was not really bothered about the cost. But you can shop by the brand name of the fans also.

"A fan is a fan"-some will say but for people with aesthetic sense, they will always buy something different and unique.

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