Friday, January 26

Sphinx Signature Trail Mix from Teleflora.

Nuts and snacks lovers can identify what I am talking about.

Some of the great and unique corporate gift ideas always originate from Teleflora, a highly dedicated flowers and gourmet gifts shop online for nearly 35 years.

The picture you see below is “Snack Lover's Delight”, a gourmet gift basket sold by Teleflora.

In this gift basket, they have put five most popular snack mixes into an impressive basket. This 3 pound basket includes Sphinx Signature Trail Mix, Royal Blend, Oriental Party mix, Yogurt Trail mix, and Wasabi Peas.

Who says such gourmet gift baskets are meant only for gifting it away; it looks as if I can gift one to myself.

Here is trivia for you:

Wasabi (Wasabia japonica) sounds Japanese, is a member of cabbage family also known as Japanese Horseradish.

Now, coming back to Teleflora, they are a FTD florist which adds credence to their reputation. A customer can get guaranteed same day delivery if ordered as per their timings.

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