Thursday, January 25

5 Items to NEVER Put in Your Resume.

Resume writing has been my forte for years.

At least I thought so till read a blog post on the subject matter. This is an eye opener for me and I am sure you also find it very useful. My own students are likely to email Medini, the author of this blog expressing their appreciation.

1. NEVER PUT YOUR REFERENCES IN YOUR RESUME. Instead, try something like "Professional References Available Upon Request." References are very valuable to you during your job search, and you don't want an HR dept calling them even before they have called you!!

2. NEVER SHOULD YOUR RESUME CONTAIN A PERSONAL INFORMATION OR A PHOTOGRAPH. The Internet and e-mailed resumes makes it very easy to now include your picture with your resume. DON'T!! Companies legally cannot consider your picture in determining if you are to be interviewed, or hired. This would be a violation of most EOE laws. Many companies won't even consider resumes that are submitted with a picture to ensure that they are in compliance with EOE.

More to be read here:

Thank you Medini.

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