Sunday, January 21

Do you know Biathlon?

This is the first time I am learning about this word 'Biathlon'. That too when I was browsing one of friends' blog 'Mostly Thoughtless'

"Biathlon: This event combines the excitement and thrills of two entetaining events and rolls them into one boring package. What happens here is, first the athletes do some shooting and then ski down a mountain slope to escape from the Italian Police. After getting down, they do some more shooting. This year’s biathlon saw some really close competition, with U.S Vice President ‘Dick’ Cheney claiming the gold after shooting the Swedish athlete who was leading near the finish line. " -by Vinod Ganesh of "Mostly Thoughtless"

For die hard bloggers, his blog can be a veritable feast on myriad topics. Above all, like me, he is also a Madrasi or if you prefer 'Chennaiite', though I refuse to recognise the word 'Chennai' because I am an old Madarsi(smile).

The sport has its origins in an exercise for Norwegian soldiers. The first known competition took place in 1767 when border patrol companies competed against each other. Gradually the sport became more common throughout Scandinavia as an alternative training for the military.

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