Saturday, January 27

Do you know Doorway pages?

Without an iota of web promotion, I built a doorway page for my web site in the year 2000.
But thats all I did, never went beyond that. I mean, I never had the courage to submit it to search engines and directories.

I thought I will refresh my knowledge and yours too about doorway page.

Doorway pages are web pages that are created for spamming the index of a search engine by inserting results for particular phrases with the purpose of sending you to a different page.

They are also known as landing pages, bridge pages, portal pages, zebra pages (a humorous arbitrary coinage by Jill Whalen of High Rankings Advisor), jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages and by other names. Doorway pages that redirect visitors without their knowledge use some form of cloaking.

If you click through to a typical doorway page from a search engine results page, in most cases you will be redirected with a fast Meta refresh command to another page. Other forms of redirection include use of Javascript and server side redirection, either through the .htaccess file or from the server configuration file. Some doorway pages may be dynamic pages generated by scripting languages such as Perl and PHP.

But java script was not that popular earlier.

Doorway pages are often easy to identify in that they have been designed primarily for search engines, not for human beings.

Another form of doorway pages, are using a method called Cloaking. They show a version of that page to the visitor, but different to the one provided to crawlers, using server side scripts. They know whether it's a bot or a visitor based on their ip address and/or user-agent.

Many sites now use content rich doorway pages for their pay-per-click campaign landing pages. These doorway pages may employ server side scripting to count click-throughs, visits, and other user actions to assist with marketing data collection.

Thank you wikipedia.

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