Wednesday, January 10

Civil Engineers! Do you need access to a roster of top Engineering Firms?

It is not always job seekers are given access to the best of employers by one of the highly respected recruiting firms.

Whether it is identifying the top positions in town or relocating to another state, CSI are 100% committed to finding the best Civil Engineer Jobs to fit civil engineers’ unique needs.

Recruiting firms are of course scattered all over the internet but to find a company that has built a very strong relationship with the best of civil engineering firms may take a lot of effort and time.

Here I am saving you exactly that; your valuable time.

Building a relationship with a CSI recruiter has many benefits:

* Experienced Recruiters that understand your business and career needs

* No cost overview of what is happening in the marketplace

* Access to a roster of top Engineering Firms

* All fees are paid by the Engineering Firms

* Quick Turnaround. Candidates often get interviews only days after submitting a resume.

* Excellent Candidate Training Modules (Resume Development, Interviewing Skills, Working w/Counteroffers, Negotiating Salaries and more)

* Total Confidentiality (our top priority…..candidate information is not shared without your prior approval)

* CSI is a team of 14 professional recruiters.

Your searches are quick, quiet and of the highest quality. CSI truly take your best interests to heart!

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