Sunday, January 14

Future celebrities should read this blog post.

Please read on if you:

Want to mingle among the elite;

Want to look at your best;

Want to get tagged along with the gorgeous beauties.

Because that’s what the rich and famous aimed for when they decided to follow their peers and looked upon Belisi’s brand to stuff their wardrobe with the most perfect looking neckties, scarves.

It is not an exaggeration to name Peter Belisi as a trend setter. But how he achieved this stage is a story of a dreamer and darer.

He was bartender in Palm Beach where one can rub shoulders with the most famous and richest people in the world. He fervently wished to become one of them but he knew he was just surviving.

But he had a bright idea in his mind. He can start off small making hand made silk neckties which is the most beautiful expression a man can wear. Looking at all those rich people wearing so many fashion dresses, he had developed a fine taste in neckties and scarves.

And he created history soon is a foregone conclusion.

Why don’t you can have a look at, and get to know him more intimately and thereby browse over his wares in which handbags are included recently along with ties and scarves.

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