Thursday, June 8

How much did you make from online investments?

Since 1998, when I retired from active career, I have been surviving off the internet.
Mostly I invest in several HYIPs and LYIPs.

Made some money but lost more than I have earned. Why because I certainly lacked shrewdness in financial matters. Driven by greed and desire to make quick money, I ran amuck in almost all the offers.

But, if only had I diversified into precious metals like, US Silver Coins I would have been in a sound position by now. A great range of bullion coins like Maple Leaf, American Eagle, South African Gold Krugerrands are offered by one of the oldest bullion coins dealer in America.

I remember when gas was only 25-cents a gallon? You could take a dollar down to the gas station and buy four gallons for a buck, because dollar was securely backed by pure gold or silver.

These precious metals always retained their intrinsic value even after centuries, but not our paper money. As a matter of fact, we all have witnessed their slow but steady rise in their price.

We assume that the overall price of almost anything (food, groceries, gas, utility bills) have gone up multifold over the years-right?

Think hard, analyze the economy and you will conclude that actually none has gone up. Only the value of greenback has gone down.

I rue now that I had not heeded to investment experts’ long-recommend portfolio diversification which is 10% to 20% of an investor's assets be devoted to tangible assets such as gold, silver and platinum bullion coins.

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