Sunday, June 4

Do you know DaVinci Technology?

A chip from TI that combines the hardware, software and design tools necessary to build next-generation digital video products.

Introduced in 2005 and based on TI's C64x DSP plus a general-purpose ARM processor, the DaVinci technology gives video equipment manufacturers thousands of available features in pre-existing menus.

The all-in-one chip will be used for products such as portable media players, video security systems, TV set-top boxes, and digital cameras. For more information, visit

Their DaVinci Technology CD includes:
*Introduction to DaVinci Technology
*Future Video Applications
*Customers and Partners Support DaVinci
*DaVinci White Paper
*Digital Video White Paper
*DaVinci Product White Paper
*DaVinci Fact Sheet
*Digital Product Bulletin
*DaVinci Website

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