Sunday, June 4

Calling all students: Your Tutorial Resources!

The professional teacher in me was quite bemused by an article in our local daily " The Hindu",
which introduced to me several online tutorials site. In a bid to help my son, I also visited several sites cited in the article, and wrote this article. If my son and his friends are benefitted, so too can other students all over the world.

Poring over college books? Organising combine studies?

Do you still feel insufficiently prepared and want some more extra study materials?
Internet is an ocean of countless resources for learning materials.
You name the subject or topic, internet says “ Come! Devour it.”

I have stumbled onto the following very useful sites which either contain free tutorials or direct you to websites where you can find free online tutorials.

These sites not only offer text materials, but also audio and video teaching materials.

If you want help in web building tutorials HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, SQL, Database, Multimedia and WAP, then visit:

The ‘Technology Tutorials’ contains a huge collection of tutorials on different computing technology related subjects such as MS-Office, Internet and web page development is another of the same kind.

Another very popular site is Pixel2life
This site has a database of more than 15,000 tutorials on different computing related subjects such as JavaScript, Perl, Visual Basic, Visual C++ etc.


I personally used this site to get help on spyware removal.
Quoting from the site: “Help2Go is a community committed to offering free computer help, technical support, tutorials, and spyware removal in a way that everyone can understand, not “geek-speak”.

For subjects on computing go to TutorGig which “ offers plenty of services to its users through advanced search technology. lists thousands of courses. These courses include not only online courses, but also more traditional courses that are taught in person on or off campus. Users locate courses by searching on keywords of interest".

" has a huge database of over a million tutorial sites categorized by more than 2000 subjects. This vast network of information allows users to instantaneously find tutorials by subjects and keyword searches. In addition, offers access to open directory, lists of best selling books, discussion forums, and related links on the subject of interest. Users can confidently return to knowing it is continuously updated, with its advanced search technology, to provide the newest tutorials. can be a free way for anyone to maintain their skills in these rapidly changing times. “

FyberSearch Tutorial Search’ is a sort of directory for lessons. By just entering the name of the topic on its search box you can collect several links to tutorials on the subject.

Browse over 350 categories of free, first-rate, family-safe online tutorials,guides and instructionally oriented Websites! presents tutorials on web programming, Pearl, CGI script etc.

I welcome feedback from students and parents too.

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