Sunday, June 4

Have a question? Ask me!

Want to know what is meant by 'Spamdexing'?
Want to gain knowledge about latest in nutrition or culinary?

Are your kids got stuckup to find a solution in Trignomentry?
Looking for the latest technology in computer security? will provide authentic answers to all your questions.
I quote from their site:

" contains only up-to-date, accurate definitions and explanations from authoritative sources like Houghton-Mifflin, Columbia University Press, MarketWatch, Thomson Gale Medical Dictionaries, Investopedia, All Media Guide, Who2".

We, as a blogger may get stranded on particular topic or a word while writing.
We may need to do some research before presenting accurate information. is your one-stop guide for all your information.
And they offer a fantastic free tool, 'One click answer', which you can download.
I just tried this tool and found it absolutely top class.

BTW, yahoo too has one such free service:

For a trial purpose, I posted this question on yahoo answers:
Where can I get free images for my car research project?

Unlike, it took several steps to finalize my question on yahoo. Awaiting the answer.

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