Saturday, March 29

Crispy at the edges and soft in the middle.

"A cookie is a cookie, what else is there?"-asked a novice who knows only how to swallow cookies without giving a notice to its real taste.

Do you know most people are like that? Such persons never appreciate the taste of anything they eat and never mindful of the person who cooked the food-be it a veal steak or just a brownie.

I have been learning the art of making cookies ever since I started my adventure in the kitchen. I have tried out several new delicacies and other members of my home took the risk without complaining.

Today, I happened to read a valuable tip on how to make cookies that are crispy at the edges and soft in the middle. The tips from Day Tipper goes like this: "freeze the batter and cookie sheet for 3-5 minutes beforehand. You can do this while the oven is preheating. This way, the cookie bakes evenly and there are no burnt outside edges while the middle is nice and soft."

Worth trying-right?

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