Wednesday, April 2

Do you know Video Conferencing?

A videoconference as the name suggests is a conference between people from different locations and these people see each other virtually on a digital screen.

One of the unique uses in videoconferencing is it has allowed testimony to be used for individuals who are not able to attend the physical legal settings. Of course, business people setup a video conference, political leaders and even medical professionals have embraced this technology.

The VoIP technology is roped in nowadays for video conferencing. But those who are yet to use this technology are said to lag behind. Many are under assumption that VoIP is a costly affair. But it is not so.

Nimbus VoIP reduces upfront cost by eliminating the capital expenditures that come from buying and maintaining traditional PBX phone systems as well as the service contracts or labor charges

There are more advantages using VoIP Phone Systems than the cost. Included with Nimbus VoIP is unlimited US calling and free dialing to any other Nimbus VoIP phone in the world!

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