Tuesday, April 15

Following river Nile.

Foe me, the most interesting and engrossing thing to do is to follow the trails of rivers. This will reveal to me unexplored and unvisited geography. Miles of solitude and silence is the best thing that can happen to me.

I was following the river Nile, Africa's enigmatic river and Egypt's two headed pride. Haven't we all read about the sorrow of Egypt whenever the river Nile simply yielded to the nature's whims?

Nile was the most important mode of transport in ancient times to carry the agricultural products to various parts of Egypt.

The rise and fall of the Nile's life-giving waters inspired the ancient Egyptians to view it as a cycle of death and rebirth. It is a known historic fact that the ancient Egyptian civilization thrived on the shores of Nile like many civilizations in the world evolved on the banks of rivers.

Image: Google images.

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