Sunday, March 23

Corporate gifts store online.

I took a break of about 60 minutes from blogging and I took my husband to a nearby mall. My husband acts as my driver.

After paying our bill, we were presented with a short form to fill up. As usual, my husband got annoyed at such delay causing activities. I managed to make him wait a little longer and finished the job.

I was presented with a good looking air tight container with the logo of a two wheeler spare parts manufacturing company. The logo was attractive and the container for pulses was cute.

At the bottom of the gift, there was a mention about Source-Promo, a leading online store for corporate gifts.
Their range of products include
Bags & Luggage,
Business World,
Clocks & Watches,
Food & Drink,
Kitchen & Decoration,
On the Road,
Seasonal Articles,
Sports & Games.

This is a Source GmbH company.

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  1. hi,

    i pity for your husband!well i certainly think that corporate gifts are very crucial in todays business i found exclusive corporate gift ideas.


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