Saturday, March 1

Can you shop by a condition?

You have a particular physical condition that prevents you from being normal. Let us assume that you want to find the latest remedies for constipation. You might have already tried out several medicines but over a period of time, your body has turned immune to all of them. So, you want to find out if there is anything new in the market. How do you search for it?

Just go to and key in ‘constipation’ in the search box and you get what you want. Isn’t this facility to search and shop by a condition of your body, fantastic?

This useful website was founded in 1996 and is now being used by more than a million customers. It is the first eCommerce website in the medical equipment field and now stocks about 55,000 products that are conveniently cataloged under 50 categories and hundreds of subcategories.

This is the first website I have come across where I can shop by condition, shop by brand and shop by category.

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