Saturday, March 15

Do you know the Copper Canyon Train Journey?

Ah, a train journey that is liked by everyone. No age bar for this-right? A flight may take you to your destination in a few hours but it cannot give you the pleasures of watching myriad landscapes pass by during a train journey.

It also gives us a lot of freedom of movement, freedom of speech etc without bothering about the pseudo etiquettes of the flight travel.

If only I have a chance to undertake the Copper Canyon train journey, I would consider it as the ultimate pleasures of traveling.

Copper Canyon is the number one tourist attraction in Mexico. The canyon covers over 20,000 square miles and our times larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon.

As you would expect from all these prelude, the scenery is incredible. The train journey traversing the Copper Canyon covers beautiful and rugged series of canyons that have led some to call this the most scenic railroad trip on the continent.

The tracks pass over 37 bridges and through 86 tunnels, rising as high as 2,400 meters above sea level near Divisadero, a popular lookout spot over the canyons. Each one-way trip takes roughly 16 hours.

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