Saturday, April 4

Fire walking made easier.

I am actually under firm opinion that only certain Indian can walk on fire. Even near my house, there will be an annual fire walking ceremony will be held in front of a Amman Temple. Fire walking is regarded as a highly religious ritual in Tamilnadu.

Just 15 minutes ago, my impression was shattered when I read that fire walking ceremony is also held in other parts of the world.

In 1969, at San Pedro Manrique in Spain, the author of a newspaper column found the bed of simmering coal too hot even to stand near the fire bed. He witnessed with awe, two members of a French TV crew remaining behind walk across the coals with no adverse effects.

The author, an American was egged on to walk on fire. He was asked to
make sure his feet are brushed free of grass and twigs. He then placed his feet firmly on the fire bed and walked across without any further hesitation and exited without any discomfort.

His uttered only this: "What a spiritual experience!"

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