Friday, April 24

361 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy .

We believe we are an intelligent civilization in the Milky way Galaxy. We also know that that there thousands of other such galaxies and we expect to find earth like civilizations in those galaxies.

As of February 2009, scientists have counted 361 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy alone. There may be more also.

What we fail to guess is we firmly believe we are the only intelligent life and so, we only look for similar form life. Human eyes and other senses are very inferior. We can't hope to see and identify other forms of life that surround us and in the space.

Our Milky Way Galaxy..Milky way Galaxy Image by Sir Mervs via Flickr

The discovery of more than 330 planets outside our solar system in recent years has helped refine the number of life forms that are likely to exist.

BBC news

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  1. Science and nature also to some extent make us realize that there exists other living creatures just as we r and that we need to give them equal space


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