Saturday, April 25

Best syringe for insulin injections.

Needles that are called as syringes in the medical world came into vogue as early as 13th century but the fine syringes that we use to pierce the skin with minimum discomfort were developed by Charles Gabriel Pravaz and Alexander Wood in 1853.

The world’s largest syringe manufacturers are located in Britain and the world’s largest medical supplies dealer is They are probably the oldest online dealer of life enhancing products.

They later diversified their range of products to Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear. offers extraordinary search facility of their products. You can search for products by brand name as well by category. Another unique feature of their search engine is you can use it to search for products by body condition.

It is a big website with over 55,000 medical, health and nutrition products. My husband buys syringes from them for his insulin shots.

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