Saturday, April 25

Camelback displays increases the sales.

Call me a conservative; I don’t care. I have a reason for going to the same hotel every year on our wedding anniversary. No, it is not because of the food but because of the way the food is displayed using highly attractive table covers.

The dessert area in the buffet room is my favorite spot. The range of ice creams and fruit salads decorate the circular table as seen in the picture here.

Even at the entrance of the restaurant, visitors to the hotel will stop at the Octagon shaped table top display that mentions the special food and beverages being served at the restaurant.

Like me, it seems the hotel too is firm on using creatively arranged trade show exhibits to mount nearly 50 courses of food and more than 15 varieties ice creams.

My husband who never fails to pass on his heart felt compliments to the hotel staff, will be received with remembrance and shown to the coolest spot in the restaurant.

So, we have to wait for exactly 30 more days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary at.. yes, the same hotel that we have been going for the past 20 plus years.

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