Sunday, July 6

Do you know the Rio Grande Valley?

This magnificent Rio Grande Valley is located in Jamaica island in the West Indies. Man, what a sight!

The reason for my selecting this destination to blog about is this: it is the home to more than 100 species of birds!

If only my husband comes to know about this, he would arrange a loan from somewhere and pack off within a week and he would go alone definitely. He is an enthusiastic bird watcher.

Do you know that fishing is done in the Rio Grande river in the night only with the help of a torch and a pear made of bamboo stick? But sadly not any more as the shrimps have started disappearing from this spectacular water body. The locals have started depending on chicken and goat for their sustenance.

Many of the communities along the Rio Grande are populated by descendants of the Maroons, who fled into the wilderness to escape slavery as far back as the 1600s and battled the British from the hills.

Their ailing river haunts them.

Source: New York Times

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