Friday, July 11

Do you know the journey woman?

The Journey Woman is as the name suggests-who travels a lot like globe trotting businessmen of high profile corporate sectors.

It is a sort or resource site for traveling women.

The site features the following:
Women oriented travel classifieds
Travel tips and guidelines
Best shops around the world as the traveling women find them.

You can read about a driver in London, a guide in Paris to show you around and their contact information is also given in the website.
For example read here about Nan McElroy.
"he lives in Venice, for a start, comes from the US so there's no language issue but of course she speaks Italian; she's written an incredible little guidebook called Italy: Instructions for Use which is a treasure trove of practical information; she's smart and sassy and knows her stuff. You can contact her via her site: " -posted by one Linda, Venice, Italy.

This is the best travel guide website in the Internet.

But why not men can use this site?

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